Our system works by considering:

  • Your skin type
  • Your acne type
  • Your skin condition
  • How fast your skin adapts to products
  • Lifestyle choices that could be affecting your skin.

Your skin will be tested before you are given a home care regimen, and you will get the strongest home care products that your skin will tolerate, specifically chosen for the type of acne that you have. If your products are too strong, your skin will become irritated, dry, and still break out—not a good scenario.

Your skin condition is assessed every time you come in for a treatment (or e-mail or Skype us through our Long-Distance Program). If your skin is irritated and dry from product use, we will then have you back off your routine slightly for just a few days, giving your skin time to re-adjust.

Most importantly, you will be coached on exactly how to use your products. Even the best acne products will eventually stop working if you are not using them correctly. Using products too frequently can irritate your skin; not using them enough can slow your progress.

One of the most important aspects of our system is our ability to coach you as your skin adapts so that it never becomes too used to your home care routine. If you use products the same way for too long, your skin quickly adapts and your acne will return.

While getting your skin clear, we will work together to adjust your home care routine. A well-managed routine will prevent acne from forming in the first place. We know how important it is to carefully regulate the push-and-pull of managing your regimen. Working together with us, you can and will have clear skin.

If you truly want to get rid of acne, let an experienced Acne Specialist guide you.