Does this sound like you?

  • You're tired of using product after product, pouring through conflicting information, and paying for expensive treatments, but no matter what you do you still have acne. 
  • You wish you had someone who could tell you exactly what to do to clear your skin.
  • You wish you had a step by step, in-depth acne program that really works, developed by Certified Acne Specialist who has helped hundreds of others clear their skin with a 95% success rate. 
  • You're frustrated and discouraged because no matter what you’ve tried, it hasn’t helped, or it's made your acne worse.
  • You've tried everything for your acne and nothing has worked, or something did work but now you acne is back.
  • You're worried you’ll never find a solution and will have acne forever.


If this sounds familiar, you may be an ideal candidate for Acne Academy, an online acne program personalized to your needs.  This one-of-kind online acne program effective for all types of acne, developed by Rebecca Meyers, 2018 Certified Acne Specialist of the Year.

Acne Academy is much more than just products. This online acne program combines over a decade of experience successfully treating acne in an easy to use online platform with ongoing support. Acne Academy is a proven, easy to follow process that will walk you through every single step of the way to clear skin. 


The Acne Academy | Online Acne Program 

How is Acne Academy different than everything you’ve tried before?  

  1. It’s an acne program, complete with products and coaching, that guides you through every single step to clear skin, developed by a licensed acne specialist and based on years of experience and hundreds of successful cases. 
  2. Personalized ability to increase your product strength & stay ahead of acne - this is KEY and only a licensed professional can do this. 
  3. Based on skin products & makeup free of all ingredients known to cause acne. 


What you'll get inside the Acne Academy

Process & Products

  • The exact process I’ve been using in my clinic and personally for over a decade, which has an incredible 95% success rate in treating acne.

  • An easy to follow 8-week program covering absolutely everything you’ll need to eliminate your acne quickly.

  • A complete set of professional-strength acne products, custom selected for your skin type, plus instructions on exactly how to use your new products to ensure they work.


Knowledge & Information

  • My Acne Detective List, a collection of every sneaky scenario that might be causing your acne, taken from my clients’ actual experiences. 

  • My Acne-Safe Guide of drugstore products that are acne safe.

  • Pore Clogging Ingredient Index - the fail-proof way to find out if ANY product causes acne. 

  • Why everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.

  • Why acne can’t be cured, only controlled, and why it will eventually go away on its own. 

  • Why it’s essential to change your product routine every two weeks, and instructions on how to do just that.

  • The acne myths vs. acne facts: what really causes acne and what doesn’t

  • Food and lifestyle issues that are causing your acne - and they’re not what you think.

  • Why your current products are likely causing your acne, even if the label says they won’t

  • Why prescription medication is not an effective long term solution for acne

  • The RIGHT way to use benzoyl peroxide

  • The magic of Mandelic serum, vs. the more commonly used salicylic acid.

  • A free and extremely effective way to spot treat your pimples

  • The only kind of makeup you should be using if you have acne-prone skin.

Support & Community

  • Access to the closed Acne Academy Facebook Group for Acne Academy members only

  • Facebook Live twice a month for in-person Q&A

  • Lifetime access to Acne Academy: everything you’ll ever need to know to get your acne under control, and the option to go through the program as many times as you need to.

  • Access to the Acne Answer Vault, an extensive list of acne Q&A's.

  • A detailed and easy to follow email coaching series, walking you through every step to clear skin - the same information that my in-clinic clients get.